Objectives in Action

Our Objectives




1. CN-AHEC will work with schools and community agencies and will help expose K-16 students to an expanded awareness of the health professions in the hope to increase the number of rural students enrolling in health profession training programs.  

2. CN-AHEC in partnership with the university of Nebraska Medical Center and established clinics will develop interdisciplinary clinical rotations for allied health students to better serve diverse and often underserved communities.  

3. CN-AHEC will collaborate with educational institutions for the delivery of Continuing education programs to health care professionals who may practice at a distance from traditional learning centers.  

4. CN-AHEC will partner with local and regional health departments to provide educational programs about health and wellness related topics for underserviced communities.  

5. CN-AHEC will aid the development of technologies when appropriate to build the foundation of connecting all partners.